February 22nd, 2018

Secure Express Freight From The UK To Nigeria
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Air Freight

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Our air freight services provide a safe, easy way to transport your goods. At competitive rates backed up with an efficient service, your goods will be delivered rapidly and securely. We also offer live tracking on all our delivery services.

Our Rates

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We offer competitive cost effective rates with high standard servicing and handling care which will leave you entirely satisfied with your delivery.

Door 2 Door Service

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Our door 2 door service ensures that your prized goods are handled with care. Items will be collected and delivered by our collection agents in a timely fashion and to suit your delivery needs.
Shipping from one country to another can sometimes be a stressful experience. International shipments are important to both the shipper and receiver. There is always that waiting period between when the package goes out to when it arrives and international shipping can be complex and even difficult. So, it is important to put your cargo in the hands of people who know what they are doing.

Here at Chizzy Express Freight our goal is to provide you with a convenient and cost effective shipping service between the United Kingdom and Bromley. Yes, there are other shipping companies out there that you can use. But, we pride ourselves on providing a personal one on one service that goes beyond simply delivering a package. We are here to help you every step of the way with timely information and ongoing support from the moment your package or packages are picked up for shipment to the moment of arrival at their destination. We know that you care about your shipment. We never treat any shipment as just another job to do. We never forget that what we ship is personally important to someone. We take care to provide the best service possible and do everything we can to ensure a smooth shipping process from beginning to end. We have the knowledge and the expertise to avoid the pitfalls and smooth the way for your shipment. Not only do you get a competitive price, we also provide all the same services and tracking capability that you would get with any of the multinational shipping companies.

Whether you are shipping by land, sea or air, whether your shipment is one small box or a number of pallets, whether documents or farm machinery, we are here to provide a dedicated service that will get your shipment to its destination quickly and efficiently.

So, if you want your shipment to be treated as more than just another number on a shipping label, contact us and let us help you with your shipping needs.

Top Service To Top Destinations At Top Rates


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