February 22nd, 2018

Secure Express Freight From The UK To Nigeria
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Can I ship on the same day or the same week?

The closer you are to the shipping date, the more difficult it will be to accommodate you. Please plan ahead as much as possible. Planning in advance is a good idea. It gives you time to organize what you want shipped.

How do I book a shipment?

You can call us on (07931 377 500/ 07553 902 910) or email us at (elizabethomatseye@chizzyexpressfreightltd.com).  Again, please book a shipment in advance.

Can you give me a quote?

We are happy to give you a quote. You can obtain a quote through our automated quote system on our website. We will also send you quotes via email when you submit an online quotation request. And you can also obtain comparison quotes, such as comparing sea to air shipment by emailing us at elizabethomatseye@chizzyexpresfreightltd.com. If you would prefer to talk to a person, you can call us at (07931 377 500/07553 902 919).

Do you furnish packing material?

Yes, we supply material for packing. We also provide a number of tips and instructions on the best packing techniques on our website.

Do you ship on pallets?

Yes, when several items are being shipped at the same time, it is safer to securely wrap them together on a single pallet.

May I use my own packing material and boxes?

Yes, you certainly can. But, it’s important to pack correctly to avoid damage and increased shipping cost. Please see our website for the best packing and shipping practices. You can even ship clothing and personal property in a suitcase, providing they have the proper luggage tags.

How long will it take for my package to reach it’s destination?

That depends on the type and means of shipment. It can vary from four to twelve weeks for sea transit. We can give a more accurate time estimate when we know the details of your particular shipment.

Will you pick up my package at my home or business?

Yes, we can pick up your package for shipment. Pickup is free in some areas and there is a nominal charge in others.

When will I know the cost of shipment?

Cost is based on weight and dimensions of your package. In some cases we can provide you with the cost upon pickup, in other cases we will provide the final cost the next business day. It depends on the package, the shipping method and where it is located for pickup.

What types of packages are more expensive to ship than others?

Different shipping methods have different criteria. For example, volume (the size of the package) is important when shipping by sea while both size and weight are important when shipping by air. For a more detailed explanation of shipping cost and criteria, please Click Here.

How do I pay for shipment?

If cost is calculated at the time of pickup, then you can pay by cash. If it is calculated the next business day, you can pay by bank transfer, or online bank transfer, you pay any bank charges incurred, and we must receive the full amount before shipment. You can also pay by cheque. Your package will be shipped after the cheque has cleared, which can take up to 10 days.

How will I know the day and time my shipment is due to arrive?

We always provide information regarding when your shipment is due to leave the UK and when it is due to arrive at its destination.  We also provide any relevant transit numbers, such as waybill or bill of lading numbers. And the contact details of any airline or agent at the point of arrival in Bromley, so you have a local contact for pickup and to assist in clearing customs if that is relevant, i.e. by sea.

How can I pickup my shipment at the destination if sent by sea?

You can arrange for customs clearance and pickup at the port.

We provide you with the details to help you locate your shipment. The person who picks up your shipment must have a valid ID acceptable to government officials and fill out the required forms and pay the required fees.

What destination charges will I have to pay?

That depends on the shipment.

Both fees for freight by sea or air are paid here in the UK.

Other fees which include quarantine, taxes, customs and duties are paid at the destination of the goods.

Air Freight

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Our air freight services offer a safe, easy way to transport your goods, with competitive rates and high standard service your goods will be delivered rapidly. We also offer live tracking on all delivery services.

Our Rates

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We offer competitive cost effective rates with high standard servicing and handling care which will leave you entirely satisfied with your delivery.

Door 2 Door Service

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Our door 2 door service ensures that your prized goods are handled with care. Items will be collected and delivered by our collection agents in a timely fashion and to suit your delivery needs.

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